We are real estate professionals

Everything related to the purchase of any property in Dubai, you can leave us!


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Company that’s grown from 270 to 480 employees in the last 12 months, we’re always passionate Principles.

Services you can get from us


Resident visa

In the shortest possible time we will help you to get a visa for a resident in the UAE


Opening a bank account

Both residents of the country and non-residents can open an account with a bank in the UAE


Property Management and Maintenance

Receipt of bills for utilities

Making payments

Maintenance of the premises in due order

Carrying out certain works

Leasing and total management controls


Sell with Profits

Full legal, financial and marketing support. This is very convenient, because all current issues and disagreements are resolved by the agent and do not bother the owner at all.


Help in obtaining a mortgage

There are a number of banks in Dubai that cooperate with non-residents

All documentation is handled by lawyers and economists. A package of documents is formed for submission to the bank and consideration of the application for mortgage lending

Our legal department conducts an analysis of the documentation in advance, and forms a conclusion about the possibility of obtaining a mortgage


Selling real estate

Acquisition of real estate directly from Dubai developers

No additional fees

Various plans and deferment of payments after receiving the property keys