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Property Taxes in Dubai

Property Taxes in Dubai


Dubai is considered a tax haven for property buyers – there are no taxes on the purchase of housing, the transfer of property and the receipt of income from the rental.

Real estate taxes

When buying property in Dubai, only the registration fee in the Land Department is paid in the amount of 2% of the property value, as well as the costs of preparing the documents for the transaction. The registration fee must be paid by the seller and the buyer in equal parts, however, in most cases, it is paid by the buyer.

In Dubai, as in other emirates, the tax on making a profit, including the rental of real estate, is not taken.

This applies to both individuals and legal entities purchasing property in Dubai. Also, there is no difference in the taxation of residents and non-residents of the UAE.

It is worth noting that companies registered in offshore zones, cannot buy property in the Emirates.

Tax on income from the sale or rental of real estate in Dubai is also absent. In addition, there is no tax on inheritance and donation of real estate, however, if you renew your home to a new owner, you will have to pay registration fees.

Property Maintenance

The size of the content of real estate in Dubai depends on the area and area of ​​housing. Payment for housing sets the operating company annually. The cost of maintaining the property includes payment for the maintenance of common areas (swimming pool, parking, tennis courts), security, garbage collection. The average payment is 10-20 dirhams ($ 2.7-5.4) per square. ft (0.09 sq. m.)

Utility payments are calculated separately according to the meter, their size depends on the consumption of electricity and water, as well as on the area of ​​housing. Utility costs vary by region of the emirate.

In Dubai, real estate for rent, as a rule, is rented through a licensed management company. The services of such a company must be paid annually and their cost, as a rule, is about 5% of the annual rent.

Municipal charge for the use and connection to the urban water and electricity networks is charged by the Dubai Municipality, this fee is included in the electricity and water bills that the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) charges. The fee is 5% of the rental contract for real estate, the payment is divided into equal shares and the amount comes in monthly bills. The fee is paid by the person to whom the DEWA account is registered. In the case of a long-term lease, bills are issued to the tenant; if the dwelling is rented out for a short-term lease, the fee is paid by the property owner.



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