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Property investment in Dubai – an opportunity for effective capital increase

Property investment in Dubai – an opportunity for effective capital increase



nvestment in real estate can be profitable if the amount of income will cover the costs of maintaining the objects. In addition, the level of profitability should be higher than the size of inflation. These values ​​may vary in different states, but must be commensurate.

The attractiveness of markets with investment positions

For example, income from investments in real estate in London is only 2.7-3.2% annually. The economy of this state is developing systematically and the level of inflation is insignificant. Therefore, even this level of profitability is beneficial for investors. In Russia, investments in real estate until 2015 yielded incomes of about 5-10%. To a large extent, the level of income depends on the geographical location of the object, its type, the surrounding infrastructure, transport accessibility, the asset management system and other factors. In the present, rental rates in the Russian Federation have significantly decreased in terms of dollar equivalent, this was due to a decrease in the purchasing power of the population. The demand in the market is supported only by end customers who are interested in purchasing housing or other objects for their own needs. From an investment point of view, the Russian market has lost its former attractiveness, capital owners have taken a waiting position.

Foreign markets – alternative solutions

Russian investors are considering the possibility of investing in overseas property. In most cases, they are interested not only in liquidity and profitability indicators, but also in the position of another state regarding free deposit and withdrawal of funds. After all, with the normalization of the situation in Russia, many investors from the Russian Federation will prefer to again invest capital in the development of the domestic economy. However, in the present, in view of the uncertainty of investment prospects in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to use capital in productive areas. Russians are attracted to the Dubai property market, in fact, as well as capital owners from other countries. The UAE in recent years has earned the fame of the most promising real estate market. Investors from Russia are in the top 10 in terms of capital invested in real estate in Dubai. During the last half year, they moved to fourth place altogether. This indicates that the owners of capital are confident in the prospects of the market and have moved from analysis to real actions to implement anti-crisis investment measures. 

Dubai Attraction Criteria

Dubai market attracts the opportunity to invest of any size. Income derived from real estate transactions are not taxed. Funds can be withdrawn from the country without restrictions as needed or at the request of a foreign citizen. These factors are very attractive for investors, since free management of capital allows you to build various plans for the future.


But the main criteria for the attractiveness of Dubai property are:

• High yield;

• Maximum liquidity of objects;

• Market potential in terms of increasing volumes;

• Growing demand for all types of rental properties;

• Legislation protecting the rights of investors;

• political stability;

• High quality of life;

• Quality of construction;

• Compliance with real estate world standards;

• A variety of offers from developers;

• Favorable offers on the credit market;

• and other factors.

Investments in real estate of the emirate can provide annually incomes at the level of 5-20%. The size depends on the type of property, the popularity of the area, the management system and other factors. But in any case, investment in real estate in Dubai will be profitable and profitable.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a state located in Western Asia, in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders on Qatar in the north, Saudi Arabia in the south and southwest, and Oman in the northeast and southeast. In the north it is washed by the Persian Gulf, in the east – by the Gulf of Oman.

The territory of the modern Emirates since ancient times was part of the Omani Sultanate, however, for many centuries, many of the principalities enjoyed considerable autonomy. In addition to the traditional Arab culture that has developed over several centuries, European culture is strongly developed in the UAE. This is due to the fact that since the XVIII century, the population of the principalities was engaged mainly in maritime transport. At the beginning of the 19th century, the British East Indies company, whose ships monopolized cargo traffic between the ports, deprived local residents of their main source of livelihood. This led to conflicts between the East India Company and the local Arab population. The local rulers had nothing to do but to sign an agreement with the East India Company, which led to the establishment of an English protectorate for more than 150 years. The country gained independence only on December 2, 1971, uniting into a confederation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman. The official capital of the state has become the largest emirate – Abu Dhabi. But the commercial and tourist capital is Dubai.

Today, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations in tourism. The desert occupies about 90% of the country’s territory; jeep safari on creaky sandy waves; night barbecues on Bedouin sites; oases with vineyards, date palms, acacias, tamarisk, mango, banana and lemon groves; flowering cities, the enticing waters of the Persian Gulf, endless beaches, hotels of the highest international class, Arabic cuisine, oriental markets, loyalty of the people to the traditions of antiquity – all this amazes the tourist’s imagination. 

The climate here is tropical, dry. The average temperature in January is about 20 ° C, in the summer months – June, July, August – the temperature rises to 50 ° C, but indoors (in hotels, restaurants, cars, banks, shops, institutions) is usually cool due to availability of air conditioners. At a time when the holiday season ends in the Mediterranean, it is just beginning in the UAE. From mid-September to mid-May, the weather is fine: warm, sunny days are followed by pleasant cool evenings. This period is considered the most suitable for recreation. When fierce frosts are in your homeland, you will be able to swim and tan in the winter sun.

After discovering the oil reserves of the UAE, over a short period, it has become one of the richest and, therefore, one of the most attractive countries for European tourists. Tourism here is relatively young, and, accordingly, all hotels and resort complexes are new, built with the latest technology and design, as comfortable as possible. Everywhere there are bars, cafes and restaurants for every taste: Arab, European, Chinese, Iranian, Filipino and even Russian.

Abu Dhabi is the administrative center of the Emirates and the residence of the President. It is the largest emirate, with an area of ​​67 thousand km2 and a population of about 900 thousand people. It was created by a tribe of gazelle hunters. Beginning in August 1962, after the first batch of oil sent for export, Abu Dhabi began to develop rapidly. Developed infrastructure, an abundance of greenery, hundreds of fountains surrounded by huge flower beds, a beautifully equipped embankment, numerous handicraft production centers, the oriental bazaar (Storm Bitch), an oil exhibition, the amazing Healy Garden Park – all this is Abu Dhabi today.

Dubai is the second largest city in the UAE; It is famous as one of the world centers of business and trade, as well as recreation and entertainment. Ultramodern skyscrapers create a picturesque contrast with the ever-buzzing bazaars, the ancient fort and many gardens. A huge number of tourists from around the world come here every year to visit the famous Dubai shopping centers, the Gold Market, dazzling with the abundance and variety of precious metals and stones; see the Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Sayd Palace; ride along the canal dividing the city into two parts, on a traditional Arab vessel “dou” or a water taxi “arba”; and dive into the nightlife of Dubai with its bars, pubs, Arabian nightclubs and discos.

Sharjah – the third largest emirate; rightfully bears the title of the Cultural Capital of the UAE. For the past 300 years, the emirate has been ruled by the Al Casimi family, once the most powerful in the entire Persian Gulf. As a memory of the distant pirate past, ancient watchtowers and coral stone houses rise along the coast. Over the past twenty years, the city of Sharjah has increased in size, capturing in its features suburban villages both along the coast and in the interior of the mainland. In the center of the lagoon, there is a fountain 100 meters high, which is no less famous than the fountain in Geneva on Lake Leman. Also noteworthy are the Museum of Art, the Library of Art, the restored ancient port, the Museum of Archeology and Science, the Museum of History, the University, the International Book Fair, the bazaars of Al Markazi and Al Madjarah, the mosque of King Faisal and much more.

Ajman in the past was known as a place of pearl extraction. Now the Emirate is famous for its advanced fishing industry and the manufacture of single-mast Arabian ships – “dow”. In Ajman, dhow riding is the most popular entertainment. Among other interesting tourist attractions, it should be noted the National Historical Museum, built next to the old building of the Sheikh Palace, the Naim fortress, the residence of the ruler of Ajman. It is also worth visiting camel racing in the emirate’s deserts.

Umm Al-Quwain is an emirate, which is mainly inhabited by the Arab population (approximately 35 thousand people). Fisheries are very developed here, even the Fisheries Research Center is open, where they are engaged in fish and shrimp breeding. Also in this emirate all the conditions for the development of tourism and sports are created. Beautiful beaches, lagoons, the newly built Dreamland Water Park, camel races, historical and architectural monuments such as the old city wall and the main gate of the city – all this attracts tourists from all over the world. Those who are interested in wildlife should take a boat trip to Al Sharyah Island – a permanent habitat for many species of seabirds. The Emirate of Umm Al-Quwain is also known for its riding academy, which is proud of its horses, which are considered the best in the country. 

Ras Al Khaimah is located in the northern part of the UAE. In the past, starting from the 16th century, this emirate, bearing the name of Dzhulfar, was constantly subjected to seizures, and therefore received the name “Pirate Coast”. The old fort, recently turned into a museum, keeps handwritten evidence of the past of this city. Currently, Ras Al Khaimah provides the UAE with a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. He is also known for natural hot springs and archaeological excavations in Simale.

Fujairah – this emirate is called the East Coast. In the north, it borders the Hajjar Mountains, in the south – the neighboring state of Oman. It is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers and those who prefer solitude and silence. Coral reefs will attract the attention of tourists interested in scuba diving.

While in the emirate of Fujairah, visit the Friday Market, which offers a huge selection of fruits, dishes and carpets; Dibbu; old trade port; Bidiya Mosque – the oldest in the UAE, as well as the Old Fort.


– The UAE is a country with a fairly strict immigration regime. Any Emirates visa when crossing the border through the air is issued to the hands at the airport upon arrival. Special rules are subject to the issuance of visas to women under 30 years of age.

– Voltage 220 V, frequency 50 Hz. A triple plug, an adapter is required when using instruments with a double standard plug. The adapter can be purchased for 3 dirham at any nearby supermarket.

– The official language is Arabic, but English is widely used. In addition, hotel staff speak many other European languages.

“Visitors to the Emirates should respect local cultural Islamic traditions. Clothing must be modest. Women should avoid overly short or deep-decolled dresses. Beachwear is permissible only in hotels near the pool or on the beach. In the water parks of the country are not allowed bikini swimsuits.

– Alcoholic beverages are sold freely only in restaurants and bars of Dubai hotels and some hotels in Abu Dhabi. All visitors must bear in mind that the appearance of drunk in public places is punishable by law.

– The official currency is the UAE Dirham, consisting of 100 fils. Since 1980, its fixed exchange rate against the US dollar is 1 US dollar = 3.67 United Arab Emirates dirham.

– Visitors who want to explore the city on their own should not worry about their safety.

– The time is ahead of Moscow time by 1 hour. From the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September – Moscow time.


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